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Post Frame Construction

Post frame construction is the building process used for creating what are frequently referred to as pole barns. Post frame is the construction method, while the pole barn is just one result.

Today we should no longer think of post frame construction as a simple, rectangular metal-roofed structure sitting behind a farmhouse. Post frame buildings offer a wide range of designs that work well in any environment.

Post frame construction has evolved to be much more than a barn-building method. Quicker, less expensive and more capable of withstanding harsh conditions, post-frame has become a preferred solution for buildings other than agricultural or barn-type structures. Municipal buildings, fire stations, schools, clinics and even attractive homes are built using this method of construction.

Post Frame
Deep South Buildings Post Frame Building

Deep South Buildings and Garages

Typical Footings

Every Deep South Building is built on Solid Poured Concrete Piers.
Posts are mounted on Top of Concrete Slabs on engineered Sturdi-Wall Brackets

Typical Posts

Laminated Posts 8' O.C.
Laminated Posts are STRONGER, STRAIGHTER, and LIGHTER than Solid Sawn posts.

Deep South Buildings Post Frame Building

Deep South Buildings and Garages

Engineered Wood Trusses

Each Truss is Engineered for the Building Size and Use.
Our Engineered Truss Spacing of 8' is Standard
Standard Roof Pitch Is 4/12

Deep South Buildings and Garages

Wall Girts

2x6 #1SYP Wall Girts

Wall boards on a post frame building are called girts. Girts are installed horizontally and attached to posts. This allows the load to be transferred to poles. This is main reason pole buildings do not need a traditional foundation, which result in substantial cost savings.

Post Frame Building Truss
Post Frame Purlins

Roof Purlins

Deep South Buildings and Garages

Purlins are horizontal members that span each of the trusses to provide framing for sheathing material attachment. Their responsibility is to resist gravity and resist uplifting wind loads. Not only do purlins do all of this, but they also laterally brace the trusses.

  • 2x4 #1 SYP Spaced 24" O.C.

Deep South Buildings and Garages

Metal Siding And Roofing

29 Gauge Prime SMP Life Time Warranty
Colored Wall Panels are Standard
29 Gauge Prime SMP Life Time Warranty
Colored Roof Panels are Standard
*26 Gauge Is Available

Post Frame Building Truss

Deep South Buildings and Garages

At Deep South Buildings every garage we build is extremely important to us. We listen to your ideas and needs and help choose the right size and style for you

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